Wingnut Shelf

Wingnut Shelf by Stefan Bagnoli and Pen

Stefan Bagnoli

Wingnut is a modular storage system made of anodised aluminium that’s easily configured to fit a long or short wall. With a building method not too dissimilar to Lego, it can be built to any height ensuring it is always fit for purpose. Shelves are available in frosted or clear glass, plywood as well as solid wood including oak or beech. The product’s defining feature is a custom aluminium wing nut that Stefan and Pen developed during their collaboration. This charming bird-like component is the core intelligence bringing the whole system elegantly together.

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There’s something to be said for a design that expertly combines form with function and refuses to compromise one for the other. Pen and Melbourne-based architect Stefan Bagnoli’s recent collaboration is not only highly functional, it’s also ridiculously good looking.

Timber used in the Wingnut shelves are local and can be selected from Victorian Ash, American Oak or Beech, depending on the region in which it’s ordered. In Australia, Pen is excited to offer Hydrowood as a premium shelving option. This timber is harvested from Tasmania’s Pieman River, where it’s sat underwater for over 25 years following the river’s damming. Hydrowood is one of the country’s most ambitious forestry projects and Pen proudly supports this industry initiative. The US market has a selection of sustainably sourced American hardwoods through certified partners


Stefan Bagnoli

Architect Stefan Bagnoli has worked in London, Rome and Dubai working on a variety of small domestic projects to large multi-residential, commercial and public projects.
His approach to design, architectural form and content is through the social-political lens.
This results in an aesthetic concept driven by elegance (historical modernity), alternatively affected by an anarchic ideology (classical vernacular), creating forms that disrupt the status quo.

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