Alas Wall Hook | Pen + Nick Rennie
Alas Wall Hook | Pen + Nick Rennie


Exciting News: Alas Wall Hooks Now Fully Stocked in Ghost White and Smokey Grey

We are thrilled to announce that Alas, our latest collaboration with renowned designer Nick Rennie, is now fully available in two elegant colours: ghost white and smokey grey. As Pen’s third collaborative venture with Nick, the Alas wall hook embodies a perfect blend of artistry and functionality, reflecting his signature design approach.

The Design of Alas

Alas isn’t just a wall hook; it’s a versatile piece of art that brings Nick Rennie’s vision of practical beauty into everyday life. The hook’s design allows you to hang clothing and other items at your chosen vertical angle, presenting them elegantly against your wall. Choose to display using either the small or large arc, depending on your space and aesthetic preference.

Light Play

One of the most captivating features of the Alas hook is its interaction with light. Crafted from a translucent material, Alas captures and reflects light, creating intriguing shadows and highlights that add depth and interest to any room.

Special June Offer

To celebrate the full availability of Alas, we are offering an exclusive promotion for the month of June. With any purchase exceeding RRP$500, you will receive an Alas wall hook absolutely free. This is the perfect opportunity to integrate this exceptional piece into your home decor.

Don’t miss out on this chance to own a piece of functional art designed by Nick Rennie. Visit us today to choose your Alas in ghost white or smokey grey and elevate your space with style and practicality.