Pen remains both committed and focused on supporting good causes. We work to our studio principle ‘Good Design, for Social Good’. We are proud to be part of a wonderful community and relish in the opportunity to support positive local causes.

Supporting our local dining scene

Melbourne is world-renowned for its cultural diversity, excellent food and dining, and art. As a Melbourne based business, Pen has a strong desire to support the local dining scene recover from COVID-19, and we have initiated a program to support the transformation of outdoor spaces. To find out more, please contact us.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Each October, alongside Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pen makes a donation to the National Breast Cancer Association. Breast Cancer has unfortunately touched many of Susan and Amy’s loved ones, so this is a cause that has significant meaning and closeness to their hearts.


We are dedicated to reviewing our business with sustainability in mind. We believe sustainable change is required from all touchpoints across the globe, and we are committed to positively participating and contributing. We still have improvements that we can make to our business, and we will continue to look for opportunities with which to do so. Find out more how we are contributing to sustainability in our workplace.

Diamond Dogs Australia

In a fun, but an earnest cause, Pen renewed and renovated their Dog Room to take part in the unique cat-dog walk display as part of Melbourne Fashion Week. This activity aided in raising money for Guide Dogs Australia.

Hounds of Heide

To support the Hounds of Heide local community event, Pen, in collaboration with local designer CACTVS from Rose Street Artists Market, customised their Dog Room. The one-off Dog Room edition was successfully raffled off during this event, with all raised funds given to support local artists.

Support for Schools

Pen supports several P&F efforts across schools in Melbourne and Brisbane by making yearly product donations to help raise funds for various school projects.

HELP Enterprise inspiring diversity & inclusion

HELP is a compassionate and progressive social enterprise, with a balance of commercial and social initiatives. HELP delivers market-leading products and services that add value for their customers, while creating vital employment opportunities and support for people with disability, and other disadvantaged groups. HELP is an organisation committed to enhancing people’s lives. Help Manufacturing is a commercial arm of HELP, partnering with Pen. Help Manufacturing is renowned for their professional capabilities and skills. Every one in three people employed by Help Manufacturing has a disability.