Defining Good Design
Defining Good Design

Earlier this week, Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia, Chair of the Australian Good Design Awards, and Deputy Chair of the Australian Design Council posted this image of the 10 principals of Good Design by Dieter Rams. Our studio follows these principals, this is our benchmark to produce pieces that are functional, beautiful and evolved.

We believe, in order to execute good design, the process to achieve this must also be positive. We want our products to imbue the qualities of good design fostered by good people. At Pen, good design is where quality, aesthetic, functionality and approach are measured equally.  Alongside, our accomplished design partnerships, to make our products we work with small artisans, women lead workshops, disability social enterprises and regional businesses. We are proud to recognise the process and people as pivotal to good design. Read more about our principals.

Cover image courtesy of @brandon.gien


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