Linea Organiser: De-Cluttering for Beauty and Space
Linea Organiser: De-Cluttering for Beauty and Space

De-Cluttering Means Choosing Well – Making the Most of Beauty and Space

As the new year unfolds, we at Pen have embraced the cleansing bug with vigour. This past week marked a significant milestone as we undertook an essential organization and tidy-up of our studio, with our Linea organisers proving indispensable. Refreshed and ready, we’re set to tackle 2019 with a clean slate. It appears we’re not alone; decluttering fever is catching on, inspiring a minimalist approach to living that many are finding liberating and rewarding.

The Philosophy of Decluttering

Our approach to decluttering transcends mere simplification—it’s about enhancing the quality of our surroundings and, by extension, our lives. Our discussions often revolve around the principles of ‘good design’ and ‘buying once, buying well.’ Through decluttering, we rediscover the true value of items that are not only functional and beautiful but also durable and meaningful. These pieces set the benchmark for what we choose to incorporate into our environments, ensuring they add value and beauty.

Embracing the Marie Kondo Method

The Marie Kondo method has become a cultural phenomenon, featured on Netflix and across social media, emphasizing the profound impact of retaining only what truly “sparks joy.” Her philosophy resonates with our goals at Pen, as it aligns with our desire to evolve and improve our personal and professional spaces without the burden of clutter. As Kondo herself puts it, “The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.”

Choosing Responsibly

Decluttering is fundamentally an exercise in responsibility—towards our environments and ourselves. Every acquisition should be thoughtfully considered for its necessity, functionality, quality, and aesthetic appeal. This mindful approach not only helps in reducing clutter but also supports sustainable practices, encouraging us to choose quality over quantity and durability over disposability.

Getting Started with Clutter Clearing

The first step in effective decluttering is confronting the most disorganized spaces head-on. Assess each item for its functionality and the joy it brings. Begin with the most cluttered area and work systematically through to the least. Prioritize discarding items that are broken, lack functionality, or have not been used in over a year.

Maintaining Organisation with Good Design

The Linea range, masterfully crafted by acclaimed Adelaide designer Jim Hannon-Tan, is a paragon of good design in Australian homewares. Reminiscent of a well-orchestrated streetscape, Linea is not just aesthetically pleasing but also exceptionally practical. Available in materials like brass, Carrara marble, and vibrant colored silicone, Linea brings a touch of elegance and a lot of functionality, providing the perfect spot for storing smaller items across various rooms, from bathrooms and kitchens to home offices.

Living with Intention

As we continue through the year, let us strive to maintain our spaces with purpose and beauty. Every item we choose to keep should meet our high standards of design and functionality. We invite you to join us on this journey of decluttering with Linea. Rediscover the joy of living in a well-organized, beautifully appointed home that truly reflects your aspirations and lifestyle.

Embrace the art of decluttering as a way to refine your environment and lifestyle. With tools like Linea and principles of good design guiding us, each choice becomes a step towards a more beautiful and functional living space.


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