Made by Pen: Celebrating a year Successes and Innovations
Made by Pen: Celebrating a year Successes and Innovations

BOOM, and just like that it’s December 2020

Without question, the year 2020 has been one of the most difficult and trying times for us all, but throughout the entire year, the team at Pen have remained determined to remain strong in the face of adversity. And, it hasn’t been all bad news – we are thrilled to have been awarded a Gold accolade at the Good Design Awards 2020 for our flexible tabletop storage piece by Jim Hannon-Tan, we partnered with some amazing brands and companies during this year, including Nordstrom, SkyCity Adelaide, and Mrs. Kim’s Grill and we have launched our partnership with social enterprise manufacturers Help Enterprise.


We are proud that in what we’ve been able to accomplish this year and as we head into 2021, we have even bigger plans in store as we remain intent on focusing on the positive things to to build into the coming year.

Thank You

We would like to take this moment to express our appreciation to everyone who has assisted us during such a singular year. A huge thanks to all those who helped turn the wheels at Pen, our staff, our designers and our production partners for going the extra mile and working tirelessly as needed to see all projects through to the very end. Their dedication is invaluable and it has been and will continue to allow Pen to deliver great things.

To our stockists and professional trade who have supported us at every turn, we thank you as well. We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty, feedback, and love of authentic design. Whether friends, colleagues, partnerships, or people in the community, we would like to thank everyone for their continued support and graciously appreciate all of the efforts and goodwill that have come our way.

We are For Good

The year 2020 has been many things, but one of the most important components has been reflection and remaining positive in order to strengthen our resolve. Our ethos here at Made By Pen has been created to hone in on our talents in order to better connect with our clients and our world. Our mission is to create quality designs that leave an indelible impression on our customers.

The passion of our design team can be seen in everything we do – we are committed to providing great designs that speak to our customers’ desires. Above all else, we want our products to be as functional, appealing, and purposeful, an object that spans generations.


The amalgamation of this ethos has been demonstrated with the re-release of the Dog Room a collaboration with architect Michael Ong. Released earlier this month the ‘new’ Dog Room is now Australian-made using FSC marine ply, manufactured in Brisbane with an outstanding team, Help Enterprises. HELP is a social enterprise focused on providing employment and training opportunities for people with disability. This new partnership consolidates Pen’s vision in aligning with good people, partners and customers.


Christmas 2020

2020 came at us with unique circumstances, yet we are stronger and more determined than ever before to remain true to our values and towards continued success.

Best wishes to all and your families during the holiday season. Stay safe, Stay Positive.

xoxox Amy and Susan – Made by Pen


Pen office will be closed from 23rdDecember as we take a break to be with loved ones and toast the festive season.

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