Mrs Kim’s Grill Re-Opens
Mrs Kim’s Grill Re-Opens

A collaboration between Modo Architects + Pen.

The re-opening coincides with the recently announced business grants designed to assist businesses in adapting their facilities to outdoor dining amid the COVID-19 crisis

The global pandemic has impacted every community in a substantial way, and in Melbourne, we have all been reeling from the effects just like everyone else. As the restrictions and reality set in, for many months we were wondering when things would return to normal and how we would be able to ever go on as we did before. The silver lining throughout this entire ordeal has been in the spirit of community and how neighbours, friends and business have banned together to help each other and business bounce back from the brink of COVID-19 and revitalising the city. We feel privileged to have been able to do our part.


Mrs Kim’s Grill Re-Opens

We are ecstatic to report the re-opening of Mrs. Kim’s Grill restaurant in the Carnegie district of Melbourne at 136 Koornang Road. As a well-known establishment in the area since launching the first restaurant in 2013, it has been a mainstay in the local culinary scene with the expansive menu of marinated meats for barbeques. The onset of the coronavirus forced owner Joanne to close her doors earlier in the year and with the entire industry unsure of the future, Mrs. Kim’s Grill was but one example of restaurants forced to reconfigure their approach to fine dining.

Through collaborative efforts, Michael Ong Design Office and Made By Pen assisted Joanne Chang in resurrecting Mrs. Kim’s Grill under the Victorian government’s COVID new outdoor eating scheme. A large percentage of businesses in Melbourne have been affected by the effects of COVID-19 in the workplace, with restaurants in particular feeling the brunt of the financial hit. Over the course of several months, new measures have been proposed that are set to invigorate industries and the overall economy. Pen is now set to help as many local businesses as possible realise their dreams of returning and thriving.

What the $58 million Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package does is help businesses adapt their operations to outdoor dining. The grants are currently available to licensed and unlicensed hospitality businesses, including restaurants, cafes, pubs/taverns, bars, clubs and takeaway food venues. Businesses that qualify are able to apply for a grant of $5,000, with the funds going towards practical renovations like outdoor furniture, screens, umbrellas, and other equipment. By adopting these renovations, restaurants that were previously offering only indoor dining options can now transform to provide an outdoor culinary experience. In addition to these upgrades, grant recipients also can receive grants for training, marketing, and other costs to enhance their outdoor dining.

We are thrilled that Joanne Chang is returning to the dining industry. Buoyed by the success of renovating Mrs. Kim’s Grill, Made By Pen innately understands the needs of the restaurant business that is attempting to recover from the global pandemic and are in the process of collaborating with other businesses in the area that are eager to renovate their establishments into a safer, more welcoming environment that meets the current guidelines that have been set in place in the Victorian region of Australia.

The re-opening of Mrs. Kim’s Grill has been well-received by patrons and design aficionados alike. Under the impressive design guidance of Michael Ong many heralding it as an impressive new space the converted carpark now resembles a Korean covered street eatery or pojangmacha.

“Just to be able to have a team of experts to support us during this time to help us open quicker and get back to opening is priceless. It’s not just about turning a profit and sales, it’s about getting some normality, going to work for our team and seeing our customers again”. Joanne, owner Mrs Kim’s Grill

We suggest you head down for a KBBQ meal.  Mrs Kim’s Grill, 136 Koornang Road, Carnegie.

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