Revamping The Dog Room: A New Chapter in Australian Design
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Revamping The Dog Room: A New Chapter in Australian Design

Good design doesn’t have a shelf life.

We sold out of The Dog Room very quickly in 2017.  Since then, we’ve fielded calls from all over the world about The Dog Room, all centering around a single question:

When will you be making The Dog Room again?


A Fresh Take on The Dog Room: Commitment to Excellence and Social Responsibility

At Made by Pen, reissuing a popular product isn’t just about sales—it’s a chance to realign with our core values of excellence in design and manufacturing while focusing on broader social, economic, and environmental benefits. That’s why the reboot of The Dog Room was more than a product launch; it was a redefinition of purpose and partnership.

Strategic Partnerships for a Sustainable Future

Our journey to relaunch The Dog Room required time and the right collaborations. We chose to forge partnerships that not only enhance the product but also contribute positively to the community. We teamed up with HELP Enterprises, a non-profit organisation in Brisbane dedicated to providing opportunities for people with disabilities. This collaboration helps fulfil their mission of enhancing independence and lifestyle, bringing exceptional Australian-made craftsmanship to every Dog Room we produce.

Enhanced Materials for Enhanced Durability

In our commitment to sustainability and quality, we upgraded The Dog Room with FSC-certified marine-grade plywood, ensuring it withstands outdoor conditions with ease. This choice reflects our dedication to good design—thoughtful, durable, and environmentally conscious.

Custom Comfort for Man’s Best Friend

Aligning with another Australian brand, we re-engineered their dog beds to perfectly fit The Dog Room. These beds from Aussie Wool Comfort are crafted from 100% wool, providing unmatched comfort that’s both machine washable and locally produced. It’s a testament to our belief in creating products that are not just functional but are a force for good.

More Than Just Products

At Made By Pen, we believe in the power of good design and meaningful partnerships. The Dog Room isn’t just a dog kennel; it’s a reflection of our commitment to Australian design and the impact thoughtful products can have on the world. We’re grateful for your patience and thrilled to share this journey with you, demonstrating that great design can do great things.

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